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   Vol. 21 No. 19
Wednesday May 4, 2022

This Birthday A Moveable Feast

Geoffrey And Sabiha Arend

     April 25th was all hands on deck around the Arend household as Sabiha celebrated her 70th birthday.
     True to character at a last-minute emergency she spent this important day in Kalamazoo, Michigan with daughter Florence caring for her ailing brother Ahsan, who thankfully is now well on his way to full recovery.
     Now the rest of us have some party time to make up.
     She is not only the mother of four smart and handsome children, which I’m happy to report are all doing well in life, Sabiha is also a wonderful wife, mother, and business partner.
     It’s unlikely that our publishing company would have survived very long without her, let alone 47 years later.
     The picture here is us from 1978.
     When most of our business was at JFK International Airport, we used to go Hangar Hopping to cover the news with photographer Bill Wilson.
     Bill was an old timer on the airport beat, as nice a man as you could ever know, a community activist in Jamaica, Queens, where the airports reside. He also happened to have his studio on 164 Street, where we received our mail.
     Once, while in his studio, Bill asked us to pose and we forgot all about it until one day the ladies inside the GPO were all excited to see “two celebrities picking up their mail” as they spoke animatedly about this picture in Bill Wilson’s studio window across the street.
     So, as we celebrate Sabiha’s birthday and Mother’s Day on May 8, I am thankful to share the warmth of her smile and the gentle and free love and mercy of this truly remarkable human being.
     Happy Birthday, darling.

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