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   Vol. 21 No. 16
Tuesday April 12, 2022

Pharma Party On French Riviera

Graham Cromb, Miguel Rodriguez at LogiPharma

     “Our biggest goal is to adapt and stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare supply chain. While the vaccine rollout has seen huge success, the fight still isn’t over and we need to keep working with our partners to advance equitable vaccine delivery around the world.
     “The networks we’ve built for COVID-19 vaccine will create long-term value in the future delivery of temperature-controlled drugs and therapies.”
     That’s Graham Cromb, VP, UPS Healthcare Europe at LogiPharma.
     They had a whole lot of Pharma going on in Nice, France last week April 5-7 as the giant LogiPharma opened for business at the NICE ACROPOLIS CONGRESS CENTER.
     But don't worry if you couldn’t make it, because they will do it again September 29-30 for less money in Boston minus the beautiful French Riviera, but you can take a side trip to Fenway Park.
     Of particular interest right off the bat in Nice were opening panel observations and takeaways from what was, when you think about it, the world’s largest ever product launch.
     How huge was that vaccine rollout? Well, by comparison the most impressive iphone rollout or maybe all of them put together with people sleeping outside the stores to get one, never added up to the effort of drug companies and logistics to deliver a potion to save the world.
     Good presentations including some insights on how the world can benefit and learn from our experience of the past two years. Included at the keynote were Danny Hendrikse, VP Intercompany Operations, Pfizer; Sheena Behn, VP Global Supply Chain & Strategy, AstraZeneca; Alberto Simon Rojo, VP Supply Chain Management, CureVac; Richard Peck, Director International Logistics, Clover Biopharmaceuticals and moderator Matthias Reyntjens, Partner, PwC.
     LogiPharma is the Big Kahuna of shows like this and prints up takeaways of presentation texts.
     We noted many airlines in attendance, who so far have not been out to play in trade show season elsewhere.
     Pharma has the world’s attention and airlines have been the superstars, delivering the goods, but this event doesn't seem to have a panel giving air cargo a voice, although Miguel Rodríguez MBA, Senior Manager Climate Control Products, Qatar Airways moderated a temperature control panel.
     Well, what we are looking for is some recognition for the miracle job air cargo has done. Our industry, unlike Pharma, has no license to print its own money.
     So recognize air cargo for who we are.
     We have done a great job and we like to get and give awards!
     Hope our people from all the carriers made some good contacts and picked a lot of low hanging fruit and developed some big ideas and enjoy the view and show.
     Looking ahead, early reports are that Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) Partnership Conference in USA scheduled to be held in PHX May 23 is getting big response for that event.

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