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   Vol. 21 No. 16
Yuesday April 12, 2022

Air India Maharajah

     After all, he never really left not at least in the heart and imagination of the world that adopted the Maharajah caricature as the icon and brand of Air India.
     Once upon a time the Maharajah of Air India and the Meatball of Pan Am were airline brands as recognized as Coca Cola was.
     The Maharajah was even pictured in Air India Cargo freighter advertising, suggesting service and size back in the 1980s.
     Lately there has been a lot in the news, celebrating a return of Air India, that began business 90 years ago in 1932, to Tata ownership.
     Air India was nationalized in 1953.
     At the start of World War II there were three major airlines of India, Pioneer JRD Tata's Tata Air Lines, India National Airways and Air Services of India.
     Postwar the number of airlines remained about the same until October 1946 when a new government opened the skies for new airlines and more than 100 applications were received to fly almost everywhere in India.
     Finally in 1953, the Air Corporations Act became law, wherein eight former independent airlines were established and became “lines” of the Indian Airline Corporation (IAC), following the example of BOAC and BEA Airways in the UK.
     Air India split up into a domestic route network airline and Air India International, which alone had the foresight to order Lockheed Constellations way ahead of anybody else in 1948. In the new scheme Air India International was spun off and divested from TATA to become the dominant carrier on international routes to and from India all over the world before any other India flag carrier between 1953 and 1960.
     Fast forward to 2021 and through many changes and consolidations and leaderships the net result from Air India to India, especially to Prime Minister Narendra Modi is that AI had been costing taxpayers an average of nearly USD$3 million a day for the past decade or more.
     So the deal was struck and Air India returned to Tata Group as waves of nostalgia washed over the travel and aviation community.
     Reports are that a 100-day plan has been chalked out to ensure that Air India flies higher this time around.
     For the moment, however, there is a lid still on what will actually happen and few to no one is talking during these early days at Air India.
N. Chandrasekaran      There was a bit of deflation when within a fortnight of the Tata takeover announcement former Turkish Airlines chief Ilker Ayci nixed a deal to head up Air India. Speculation of Ayci's links to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, are mentioned as one mitigating factor
     So now in April 2022 operating day-to day-leadership affairs fall to Natarajan Chandrasekaran, TATA Group Chairman (right).
     Chandra, as he is popularly known has mapped forward his plan. But with all the money, hubris and history, will that be enough?

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Kale By Golly A More Story
Joe McBryan A Legacy Of Flying

Eduardo Del Riego, Hisham Al Gurg, Adrie Reinders
Pictured left to right—Pay Cargo CEO Eduardo Del Riego, Seed Group CEO Hisham Al Gurg and PayCargo International CEO Adrie Reinders.

     Seed Group, a subsidiary of the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, has formed a strategic alliance with PayCargo to bring its tried and tested payment technology to the UAE.
     Seed Group and PayCargo are setting up a base in the UAE and expand in the country and the wider Middle East and North Africa region. Under the new partnership, the Group will introduce PayCargo to the market and leverage its strong and diverse base of connections to enhance its presence in the MENA region.
     Renowned for its commercial payments solutions, PayCargo caters to the ocean, air, trucking, and rail industries supplying digital tools that ensure greater efficiency by automating payment processes with multiple financing options, dispute resolution, email alerting, systems integration, and reporting capabilities.
     With over 5,000 logistics vendors in its network, including major ocean carriers such as A.P. Moller - Maersk, EVERGREEN LINE, and Yang Ming Marine Transport Corp., PayCargo’s services pose numerous benefits for companies operating in the logistics sector, some of which include reducing costs, time wasted, and transaction disputes across the value chain.
     Hisham Al Gurg, CEO of Seed Group and the Private Office of Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed Al Maktoum, said, “We are excited to announce our new partnership with PayCargo, a unique company with efficiency at its heart. PayCargo’s financial services offer a plethora of benefits, which I think companies in the MENA region can truly benefit from. We are looking forward to facilitating its expansion in the region and guiding it throughout its journey to success.”
     Eduardo Del Riego, President and CEO of PayCargo, said, “The vendors that have partnered with us in the past have experienced the unrivalled efficiency that PayCargo offers, specifically receiving payment overnight and releasing cargo within a few hours. The MENA region is known for its keenness when it comes to technology adoption, and we are excited to be a part of its digital transformation. We are looking forward to our partnership with Seed Group, which I think will add a lot of value to our business.”
     PayCargo’s vision is to revolutionize the efficiency of the worldwide movement of goods and materials shipped via sea, land, and air through the use of its proprietary online payment solution, which has a proven track record of improving its customers’ profitability and speed.
     Over the past 16 years, Seed Group has joined forces with numerous companies worldwide looking to expand into and enhance their presence in the region by forming strategic partnerships that benefit both the company and the industries they cater to in the MENA region.

Chuckles for April 12, 2022

Graham Cromb, Miguel Rodriguez at LogiPharma

     “Our biggest goal is to adapt and stay one step ahead of the ever-evolving demands of the healthcare supply chain. While the vaccine rollout has seen huge success, the fight still isn’t over and we need to keep working with our partners to advance equitable vaccine delivery around the world.
     “The networks we’ve built for COVID-19 vaccine will create long-term value in the future delivery of temperature-controlled drugs and therapies.”
     That’s Graham Cromb, VP, UPS Healthcare Europe at LogiPharma.
     They had a whole lot of Pharma going on in Nice, France last week April 5-7 as the giant LogiPharma opened for business at the NICE ACROPOLIS CONGRESS CENTER.
     But don't worry if you couldn’t make it, because they will do it again September 29-30 for less money in Boston minus the beautiful French Riviera, but you can take a side trip to Fenway Park.
     Of particular interest right off the bat in Nice were opening panel observations and takeaways from what was, when you think about it, the world’s largest ever product launch.
     How huge was that vaccine rollout? Well, by comparison the most impressive iphone rollout or maybe all of them put together with people sleeping outside the stores to get one, never added up to the effort of drug companies and logistics to deliver a potion to save the world.
     Good presentations including some insights on how the world can benefit and learn from our experience of the past two years. Included at the keynote were Danny Hendrikse, VP Intercompany Operations, Pfizer; Sheena Behn, VP Global Supply Chain & Strategy, AstraZeneca; Alberto Simon Rojo, VP Supply Chain Management, CureVac; Richard Peck, Director International Logistics, Clover Biopharmaceuticals and moderator Matthias Reyntjens, Partner, PwC.
     LogiPharma is the Big Kahuna of shows like this and prints up takeaways of presentation texts.
     We noted many airlines in attendance, who so far have not been out to play in trade show season elsewhere.
     Pharma has the world’s attention and airlines have been the superstars, delivering the goods, but this event doesn't seem to have a panel giving air cargo a voice, although Miguel Rodríguez MBA, Senior Manager Climate Control Products, Qatar Airways moderated a temperature control panel.
     Well, what we are looking for is some recognition for the miracle job air cargo has done. Our industry, unlike Pharma, has no license to print its own money.
     So recognize air cargo for who we are.
     We have done a great job and we like to get and give awards!
     Hope our people from all the carriers made some good contacts and picked a lot of low hanging fruit and developed some big ideas and enjoy the view and show.
     Looking ahead, early reports are that Cargo Network Services Corp. (CNS) Partnership Conference in USA scheduled to be held in PHX May 23 is getting big response for that event.

Sabiha Gökçen,  Güliz Ozturk

     There is this famous woman in Turkish Aviation named Sabiha Gökçen.
     Sabiha was born March 22, 1913 and she died on the same day in 2001.
     Sabiha was a Turkish aviator. During her flight career, she flew around 8,000 hours and participated in 32 different military operations.
     She was the world's first female fighter pilot, aged 23.
     I think about Sabiha Gökçen every once in a while.
     They named the in-town airport in beautiful Istanbul after her, and I have to tell the cab driver and everyone else within earshot every time I am in Turkey that I am lucky to be married to the hardest working, longest serving, smartest and nicest women in air cargo, and her name is Sabiha.
     Somebody like that, as well as the name, is a pleasant rarity to be savored and shared.
     Now another rarity appears on the horizon, because in Turkey this May 1, Güliz Ozturk, Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of Pegasus Airlines, will be the first woman CEO in the history of Turkish civil aviation. She has been serving Pegasus since 2010 and succeeds Mehmet T Nane.
     Mehmet T. Nane continues in his role as President of Turkish Private Aviation Enterprises Association (TÖSHI²D), and assumes the post of International Air Transport Association (IATA) Chair of the Board of Governors in June, succeeding the current Chair, Robin Hayes.
     “I will fight for the sustainable development of the civil aviation sector,” Güliz Öztürk said, “whilst in my new role at Pegasus Airlines, I will continue to work tirelessly to reinforce the position of Turkish civil aviation as a rising star in the world, and to support the growth of our company as we forge solidly ahead.”
     Güliz Öztürk added, “I am honored to receive the baton from Mehmet T. Nane. Investing in two important areas will continue to be the architect of our success: Technology and People.
     “As Turkey's digital airline, we will continue to offer digital technologies and unique innovations that will enhance the travel experience, with our approach that focuses on guest experience. Without compromising the basic principles of our business model, we will continue to manage our operations and activities with a sustainable environment approach. One of the issues on which we will also be most focused will be gender equality. We will make every effort, institutionally and individually, to contribute to the equal participation of women and men in all areas of social life and to enable women to express their full potential.
     “As a company, we have been committed to gender equality for many years, and we have been at the center of the struggle. This change is also proof of the importance our company attaches to gender equality.”

Nils Haupt, Achim Martinka

Tutti Frutti! . . . At Fruit Logistica Berlin last week, old friends and colleagues—Nils Haupt, (l) former top Lufthansa Cargo Public Relations, now top of the world at Hapag-Lloyd AG in Hamburg, and Achim Martinka, Vice President Germany Lufthansa Cargo talk it over the way old friends do. The great Fruit Logistica at Berlin ExpoCenter City and CityCube Berlin gave every indication of life back to normal.

Swiss Museum Of Transport

  One of the great museum experiences, if you can get to it, or to put on your bucket list is The Swiss Museum of Transport in Lucerne, Switzerland.
  All kinds of inventive and clever exhibits.
  This one punches way above its weight.
  Upcoming this month April 24-26 is The Verkehrshaus “Weekend of Logistics” and it is also, and maybe especially for kids.
  Everybody knows if you order something, you trigger something. Today as goods and commodities circulate globally, more and more the world knows logistics is the action word. But what do everyday people know about what is behind the word "logistics" and what professions are associated with it?
  Logistics Days at the Swiss Museum of Transport brings logistics at hand to everyday people and, as we suggested at the top to the kids.
  Take a truck for a spin yourself and stack a pallet from one place to another.
  The Logistics Days offer exciting experiences and interactions.
  Imagine the action in a place other than the first class lounge at an airport as the center of attention.
  The Logistics Days run at people's imagination and will take place from April 21-24 at the Swiss Museum of Transport.
For more click here.

Thukral From
Rags To Riches

  Many of the world’s top garment retailers like H&M and MANGO have downed shutters in Russia during the brutal invasion of Ukraine. No wonder India garment exporters are a worried lot. As example, the Noida Cluster is a major exporter of readymade garment products. Exports to Russia and the EU countries include t-shirts, pullovers, jerseys, women, men and kid’s apparel, socks, hosiery items, etc. Noida has around 3,500 readymade production-cum-export units in operation and garments with an annual turnover of nearly USD$40,00,000 (Rs 30,000 crore) are exported. Of that 45 percent each go to the USA and the EU countries and the remaining 10 percent are sent to Russia, Ukraine and the CIS states.
Lalit Thukral  Lalit Thukral, President, Noida Apparel Export Cluster (the Noida Apparel Export cluster near Delhi has more than 140 members and a reach of up to 300 exporters) pointed out: “We are a bit worried regarding payments that have got stuck due to the Russia-Ukraine war. Exporters have been unable to contact buyers in the EU countries and Russia. In fact,” said Thukral, “buyers are not responding and they may cancel the orders.”
Simply put, the current Russia-Ukraine conflict has given a jolt to Indian readymade garments exporters.
  “To begin with, the payments in dollars of readymade garments already exported to Russia and EU countries are stuck. In fact, the bank cannot exchange Russian Rubles into Dollars for the exported items. Agreements signed between Indian garment exporters and buyers/ importers have now become invalid because of the sanctions on Russia.
“Garments were routed to Russia through Spain before the Ukraine crisis,” said Thukral. After the global brands suspended operations, fresh orders have come down by 25 percent, he said.
  Buyers in EU countries have asked Indian exporters to hold shipments because of the airspace restrictions on Russia. “There is little or no possibility to come out of this problem in the near future. As a result, we have had to dump huge quantities of consignments and block our money,” Lalit Thukral said

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Mikey McBryan

     Watch the video to find out why the mail & cargo door on a DC-3 (officially an Emergency Exit dating back to the 1930s,) is referred to as The Hamburger Door.
     We created an 800-page book on the history of airports called Great Airports Worldwide in 1998 for Airports Council International - North America.
     In that book we had the privilege of discovering and recording dozens of tiny airports in Canada.
     Some of the airports were so small, they sent in a map rather than a picture to show where they were located.
     Well the airline called Buffalo Airways Cargo that delivers cargo to all those far away places with strange sounding names like Yellowknife, Hay River, Deline, Fort Good Hope, Norman Wells, and Tulita , is slowly joining the rest of the world and will add a B737F to its fleet of vintage DC-3s, C-46s and Lockheed Electras this summer.
     Mikey McBryan usually pictures himself out on the hardstand at Buffalo Headquarters in Yellowknife Canada fending off 40 below zero weather as one of those old piston pounders rumbles by (DC-3, C-46). Mikey figures in boom times for air cargo and especially integrators, why get stuck behind the door?
     As usual you can figure when carriers add equipment they have a contract or two in their back pocket, and in Buffalo’s case, expect the same.
     “Our courier company, Buffalo Air Express accounts for 60 to 75 percent of our nightly cargo volume,” Mikey, who is the son of Canadian cargo pioneer Joe McBryan and starred in the long-running and wonderfully exciting The Weather Channel series "Ice Pilots” told Skies Magazine adding:  “Buffalo’s B737F that we expect to have in paint by June will commence operating Monday through Friday from Edmonton International Airport (YEG) to Yellowknife Airport (YZF) and back."
     Buffalo is the real deal, the entire package when it comes to trailblazing, flying cargo and services to places so remote, their DC-3s and C-46s are the only way in and out of tiny little Canadian villages all winter long.
     The old birds often push back with a crabby mechanic aboard to make sure they can get back to their Yellowknife base as they deliver everything in an aerial lifeline from toilet paper to power generators.
     “We will be in need of an additional four pilots,” Mikey said adding, “we are accepting both captain and co-pilot positions based out of YEG.”
     In 2022, am thinking of what The NY Tribune (the first paper yours truly worked at) newspaper publisher Horace Greeley famously said about seeking adventure and fortune in 19th Century America:
     “Go West Young Man."
     Today in air cargo in any phase of the business from the ground up the words are:
     “Go North For Adventure, Young Men & Women."

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