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   Vol. 21 No. 18
Monday April 25, 2022

HKIA Cargo Gold For Hong Kong

Hong Kong Airport

Bob Rogers     “The last few months have been pretty tough here in Hong Kong,” Bob Rogers Of ULD Care writes.
     “Having ducked the bullet and having escaped the ravages of COVID Alpha and Delta through our stringent social distancing and travel bans,” Mr. Rogers said, “Hong Kong did pretty well until January 2022 at which point Omicron got through a crack, and went like wildfire through our incredibly closely packed community, and sadly due to a rather low vaccination rate amongst the elderly pushed our mortality figures skywards.
     “Despite that rather depressing news, I have to say that in terms of deaths per million, Hong Kong is still far far below a multitude of other countries.
     “Of course this policy of protecting the health of the population over the economic costs has not made it easy for Hong Kong, and there is no doubt that a lot of people have chosen to up sticks and move on to other places around the world, frustrated with the overbearing restrictions on travel into Hong Kong.
     “However we do seem to be at least at the beginning of the end, we now only need to do seven days quarantine on arrival back into Hong Kong and over the last month we have seen a further steady relaxation of travel-related restrictions, the latest coming Friday April 22 with the announcement that the ban on non-residents entering HK, in force for 2 years, is now lifted.
     “We are also seeing a gradual return to normalcy in day-to-day life in Hong Kong with restaurants now open till 10 pm and gyms and sports facilities open.
     “On the aviation side there is no question that the recent comments from Wilie Walsh that Hong Kong could no longer be considered a global airline hub raised more than a few eyebrows around town.
     “Of course to those of us in the industry the announcement of the shifting of the 2022 WCS from HK to London, while very understandable, Is nevertheless sad & disappointing news.
     “So now HKIA must face the wonder of just how rapidly Hong Kong can regain its pre-eminent position in the air transport world.
     “But for those in air cargo, the dark clouds have that proverbial 'silver lining' as HKIA can point to position as #1 cargo airport, head and shoulders ahead of second place Memphis overall.
     “HKIA also tops Incheon for International tonnage in the latest numbers.
     “So maybe it will be air cargo that will be the driver to bring back the passenger flights once the current quarantine policy is removed?”
     Mr. Roger’s neighborhood includes landscapes that invite occasional opportunity to take a walk in the beautiful hills to the south of Hong Kong, near the airport.
     Earlier this week his dedication to staying healthy revealed a stunning view of the aforementioned HKIA Logistics Center nearing completion.
     In the picture everybody can get an idea of the Logistics Center’s size by comparing the place to the jet fuel tank farm that sits beside it.
     Created during the worst of the pandemic the new cargo wonderworld actually dwarfs the giant squat (by comparison) fuel farm tanks.
     If HKIA’s number is up, someone forgot to tell the futurists in Hong Kong.!
     “DG Walsh, who may enjoy Chinese cuisine may have to also eat his words in the not-too-distant future,” Bob Rogers smiles . . .

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