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   Vol. 21 No. 20
Tuesday May 17, 2022

EMO Trans Delivers Spargel

German Asparagus

     Our favorite yearly treat was delivered to New York City this week. Air cargo is once again delivering cases of the great German “royal vegetable,” spargel (white asparagus), once reserved for the upper classes. The German American Chamber of Commerce celebrates the season with its Annual White Asparagus Dinner that was held at The Tribeca Rooftop in Manhattan.
     With its unparalleled view of the dazzling Number One World Trade Tower and lower Manhattan, the Tribeca is a grand venue where hundreds will gather (May 18) for an evening of dress-up, good food and music, and networking.
     Manhattan was be laid out like a magic carpet beneath the buzz of the rooftop party.
     “It is always a pleasure and an honor to bring these cases of white asparagus to New York,” said Karin Frigger, Chairwoman of EMO Trans, which organizes and provides total logistics for the shipments each year.
     “While very popular during April until early June in Germany, the vegetable is a rarity in the United States and is not grown here,” Karin Frigger said.
     “Some attempts have been made to produce the asparagus in Latin America, but the best big white asparagus, with its particular texture and sweetness, is grown in Germany, where for centuries it has heralded Springtime.
     “Spargel is a moveable feast that air cargo can deliver as no other mode of transport,” Karin Frigger said.
     “Working closely with our service partners it's strictly hands-on, all the way,” said Ms. Frigger, who noted:
     “This year the Spargel were transported from the fields in coolers to the airport.
     “But the payoff is well worth it as a grand tradition is maintained and enhanced by EMO Trans’ ability to handle all manner of shipments end to end.”

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