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   Vol. 22 No. 23
Thursday July 13, 2023

SkyHigh ATC Delhi Vaz

Rajan Nijhawan, Azeem Naqvi, Sakshi Gupta, Jane Vaz, Ingo Zimmer and Vikramjit Singh Ahluwali

     Just as India dominates new aircraft orders at Paris Air Show earlier this month, ATC Aviation Services AG deepens its ability to widen the gap as leading GSSA serving India, now the fastest growing aviation market in the world.
     Here on the scene this week with ATC’s India Team is Ingo Zimmer, company CEO. Standing next to Ingo's leftt is Jane Vaz.
     Also pictured from left are Mr. Rajan Nijhawan, Mr. Azeem Naqvi, Ms. Sakshi Gupta. Pictured to Mr. Zimmer's right is Mr. Vikramjit Singh Ahluwali, Member of Board of ATC Aviation India Pvt. Ltd.
     Jane recently joined the ATC team as Manager Sales India bringing not only great experience but also traceable, tangible results every step of the way having served 27 years as a pioneering” Woman in Air Cargo” (or anybody else for that matter), at Etihad Cargo, South African Airways Cargo and most recently a dozen years for Turkish Airlines Cargo.
     No voodoo economics either, as Jane says:
     "Women in air cargo just make sense.
     “If we overcome our internal barriers and ability to self-promote, we (women) can see immense growth and equal opportunity. Time management, work-life balance and creating a good support network to help ourselves will give us the right balance.”
     “The cargo industry," Jane Vaz says, "has evolved and grown providing lot of opportunities to women.
     “Now, it solely depends on us to recognize and grow with our inner strengths and abilities.”
     ATC, an all around winner here. The ATC Air Force is out front, pulling away!

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