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   Vol. 18 No. 51
Monday August 5, 2019

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Women Light Up Oshkosh Sky

Dr. Peggy Chabrian      “Now in its twelfth year, WomenVenture, a week-long social and networking event during last month’s big EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, attracted hundreds of women who are part of the aviation community and enjoy getting together to be inspired, to network, and to just plain have fun.
     “More than a thousand women gathered in Boeing Plaza for the WomenVenture’s annual group photo, with most participants wearing their purple WomenVenture t-shirts.
     ““Our annual WomenVenture photo is a family reunion for us,” says Women in Aviation International President Dr. Peggy Chabrian (above).
     ““If we could bottle the energy in Boeing Plaza during this gathering, we could light up the sky,” Peggy declared.
     “For many participants, taking part in this annual photo is a favorite part of AirVenture week.
     “The backdrop for the 2019 photo is a beautiful United Airlines Boeing 787-8 with an all-female flight crew.
     “WomenVenture Wednesday" began with WAI’s Connect Breakfast, attended by more than 400 enthusiastic participants, and featuring former naval aviator and Southwest Captain Tammie Jo Shults, who shared her story of safely landing Southwest Airlines flight 1380 and talked about her upcoming book, Nerves of Steel.

Colonel Kim 'Killer Chick' Campbell
"I get asked- 'What’s it like to be a female in a fighter squadron?' Honestly, I never think about it. The important thing is to work really hard and be good at it, and then nobody cares what gender you are. I’m not a female fighter pilot. I’m just a fighter pilot, and I love it."

     “After the Boeing Plaza photo, the annual WomenVenture Power Lunch was held in Theater in the Woods and featured U.S. Air Force Colonel Kim “Killer Chick” Campbell. KC (her call letters) served in combat over Iraq.
     ““WomenVenture is a terrific way to share the passion we feel for aviation. Surrounded by airplanes and good friends, who would not enjoy today?” said Dr. Chabrian.
     ““A special thanks to United Airlines, one of our long-time supporters, not just with WomenVenture, but with ‘Girls in Aviation Day,’ as well,” she declared.

UA and UPS lady pilots
Sisters In The Sky . . . Very cool picture of the United and UPS lady pilots who flew giant aircraft to Oshkosh last month to celebrate Women In Aviation.

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Carly and Karen Barry
     Meet Carly (right) and Karen Barry (left), who have a story to tell of pioneering in the ground transportation business in Southern Florida.
     Karen is a working Mom, who in 2007 was joined by daughter Carly, at her company, Ever-Green Express.
     Karen is no overnight sensation either.
     She has operated her company for the past 22 years, moving from serving as a school teacher and then into founding Ever-Green Express after learning a bit about trucking from her husband, who did ad hoc charters.
     “Operating this cartage company and keeping it a manageable size, (the key to our success) we feel is the best way to operate.”
     In other words, here are two women looking for long-term relationships.
     Today, Carly said she is out on the hustings, promoting and marketing Ever-Green with the message:
     “Let’s start something together,” sums up the approach nicely.
     What is apparent, is that this Mom and daughter duo really are into, both the trucking, and enjoying working together.
     While we were talking to these ladies, several people on the show floor at CNS (where we met them) were coming by, saying hello, smiling and high fiving the duo, who seem to be enjoying the ride of their lives.
     Karen and Carly are active in the AirForwarders Association, and also belong to Women In Trucking.
     Being a woman in the trucking business may still be a bit unusual for some, but being able to operate in a very competitive atmosphere, whilst raising two children as a single parent certainly tested Karen’s mettle.
     But in 2019, both mother and daughter and the son, who these days is building a career working for the Walt Disney Company, seem to be doing all right.
     “I have always been a very positive ‘can do—nothing is impossible’ person,” Karen confides.
     “When I was younger, I moved from being a cheerleader and loving it, to being named ‘Soybean Queen’, of Christian County, Illinois.
      “I’ve had some issues affecting my eyes, so my daughter, who is trained in finance, joined me to help take our small trucking company based in Tampa and Orlando to the next generation.
     “We currently operate five tractor trailers, one reefer and have ten drivers and about 20 people in all, with everyone focused on delivering value for money.
     “Ever-Green is ready when you are,” Karen smiled, “or did somebody say already say that,” she laughed.
     “Our advantage as a company, in addition to location near the main runway at Orlando, our bonded warehouse, screening facility and other pluses is that we make ourselves an integral part of your shipping equation, every step of the way, day and night.
     “Others talk quality—we are on it all the time and deliver, with no excuses.
     “When my phone rings, day or night for any reason, I answer the call,” said Karen.
     “Yeah, and if my Mom is indisposed, I pick up the call,” Carly chimes in.
Lord Love A Truck

Uberizing Logistics Lior Ron

     Lior Ron (above) is a 42-year old Israeli-born businessman that in 2016, along with Anthony Levandowski and some others co-founded Otto, a self-driving truck company.
     Both Lior and Anthony went to work at Uber after Uber bought Otto in 2016.
     But then Anthony was fired from Uber after a dustup, wherein the executive was accused of stealing Google’s self-driving car trade secrets for use in Otto’s technology.
     Ron jumped from Uber, after Uber paid Google parent company Alphabet $245 million to settle the dispute.
     Well in 2019, Ron is back at Uber Freight, now that Uber has finally closed the deal for Otto Trucking that is currently operating as part of the Uber firmament, but as a stand-alone entity.
     In the USA, Uber Freight connects 48 states and reportedly generates more than $125 million in quarterly revenues.

Uberizing Logistics Keeps On Truckin’

     “We fundamentally believe there’s a new era of opportunity in logistics,” Ron said.
     “Technology streamlines things, connects things and that builds trust in physical networks.
     “With the logistics market currently representing 12 percent of global GDP,” Ron said, “there’s an even greater need for solutions that bring value to trucking industry stakeholders besieged by rising costs, a 98 percent driver turnover rate and a litany of inefficiencies ranging from long delays at facilities to ‘empty’ miles in which trucks run with vacant trailers.
     “Logistics is running in the wrong direction … and the entire ecosystem is struggling,” Ron said.

Franziska Bell

     At Transform 2019, the big AI conference held July 10-11 in San Francisco, Uber’s Director of Data Science, Franziska Bell said, that she wants everyone who works at Uber to think like data scientists.
     “Our vision is to provide data science expertise at the touch of a button,” Fran Bell declared.
     “As example, the forecasting platform we’ve developed is ‘platformization at ease,’” she smiled.
     “People just have to bring us a list of business metrics they want to track, or backend metrics, and then we automatically and dynamically set these thresholds for them, and also keep them updated,” Fran Bell concluded.

Reimagining Trucking

     According to Ron, “recent technological developments such as a mobile-enabled workforce, fully connected assets and an intelligent, self-learning network allow Uber Freight to match carriers and shippers to create logistics on demand.
     “We want to connect the right truck at the right time with the right shipper at the right price, and make this entire process as streamlined as possible,” Ron declares.

Autonomous Trucking

     Ron says the viability of self-driving trucks. means that a driver could begin a trip at an origin facility and then transfer that load to a self-driving truck for ramp-to-ramp highway haul before another local driver receives the load and delivers it to the final destination.
     “Those first and last miles remain critical,” Ron said.
     “This is going to be a long game to play and there’s plenty of room for numerous players,” Lior Ron concluded.

Phase Two Uber Freight Europe

Daniel Buczkowski     Finally, in Europe, Uber Freight Germany started up July 24, 2019 under Daniel Buczkowski, Uber Freight's head of European expansion to secure part of Europe's $500 billion trucking market.
     Germany is the second EU country to receive service on the continent, after the Netherlands was announced March 20, 2019.
     In Germany, Uber competes against local operators including, Sennder, a company based in Berlin.
     Interestingly, Uber’s attempts to operate its signature passenger services in Germany have been limited to eight cities after local taxi companies, politicians and the courts, blocked further advancement.


Da Doo Ron Ron

chuckles for August 5, 2019

Franky Zapata

  British Immigration & Customs may have to go mobile, as Franky Zapata France’s “Flying Frenchman” lands in St. Margaret's Bay in Dover August 4.
  Franky navigated the 35-kilometer (22-mile) Channel crossing in 20 minutes, while keeping an average speed of 140 kilometers an hour (87 mph) at a height of 15-20 meters (50-65 feet) above the sea. The Frenchman inventor spent years developing a jet-powered hoverboard.
  Bravo Franky!

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Lazy Afternoon

  Never enough music like this, dear reader.
  We hope, whilst reading about some truly outstanding women in air cargo like this mother/daughter dynamo in Florida, you will plug in or amp up or top it all off with this brief encounter that includes some truly outstanding ladies of song.
  For us it’s a share thing.
  Maybe you never heard of Mabel Mercer.
  But after you hear this lady deliver “Ace In The Hole,” you might never forget her.
  I’ve always liked Doris Day, who, sorry to report, died recently. Her pop hit “Guy Is A Guy,” always sounds like summer. Doris, also here, with the Andre Previn Trio delivers “Close Your Eyes,” to perfection.
  Andre, who also passed recently, went on to a very successful career in classical music, where he wrote operas and concertos, in addition to conducting The London Symphony.
  Have always loved “Lazy Afternoon,” our title tune here.
  First heard Kaye Ballard deliver this great song in “The Golden Apple,” a now mostly forgotten Broadway play from the mid 1950s.
  But the show stopper is Shirley Horn, who unlocks a vocal reading like melting butter, that could only be a song of summer.
  Sarah Vaughan (Sassy) delivers “Make Yourself Comfortable,” as only Sassy could and did!
  Lena Horne’s “Stormy Weather,” and the incomparable Nancy Wilson’s “Nearness of You,” round out a musical tour-de force for an early August Musicale.

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