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   Vol. 14  No. 27
Wednesday March 25, 2015

American Cargo's Seahunt

Linda Dreiffen     “Air cargo is no longer about handing out rates and schedule flyers,” says Linda Dreiffen, MD Cargo Sales Eastern Division for American Airlines.
     For all of us a better understanding of the shipper’s requirements, the forwarder’s transit needs, and the airline’s capabilities can help lead to positive results.
     Successful collaboration allows everyone to share in customer satisfaction, additional business, and profit.
     “If you think about it, air cargo is really a very resilient industry.
     “There have been wonderful years and some really tough ones.
     “But most importantly, we have been, and always will be, focused on our customers.
     “We are very excited to share all of the great things happening at American.
     “Now that we have completed the integration of our Cargo teams, our network is stronger than ever. We are focused on providing seafood shippers in the Northeast a reliable and innovative airline partner to transport seafood across the world. Working together we can grow and develop new destinations supplying seafood to hotels, restaurants, fish markets and family dinner tables in the U.S., Europe, Latin America, and Asia.”

Seafood Flies Up Front

     “The seafood industry is very important to American and as Seafood Expo took place in Boston, to our Boston facility as well.
      “More than 50 percent of cargo traffic originating in Boston is seafood related.
     “The business has grown over the years as capacity and destinations offer even more opportunities for our shippers.
     “As demand has increased, we have added resources including refrigerated trucks to transport these products to our JFK and PHL gateways to Spain, Italy, France, and now Latin America.
 ExpeditTC    “Even with the change in the type of aircraft we operate to the West Coast, seafood still remains the number one commodity from Boston to Los Angeles and San Francisco.
     “Perishables have expanded beyond foodstuffs to now include a broader range of commodities.
     “An increase in the manufacture and movement of pharmaceuticals has grown dramatically, for which American Airlines Cargo offers ExpediteTC, a temperature-controlled pharmaceutical program designed to meet IATA standards and Good Distribution Practices.
     “Next American Cargo opens our state of the art Pharmaceutical Facility at Philadelphia Airport.”

Shippers Go Deep

     “Many of our shippers have worked with American Airlines Cargo for a long time.
     “They know we understand the importance of their products and their need for quality and timeliness. Shippers can book their shipments online or with someone who knows their business.
     “Using our Expedite service, they are confident that their shipments will move as booked.
     “We take care to book the most direct route to meet transit time requirements using non-stop flights or routing with refrigerated trucks into the hubs. Shipments can be tracked throughout the entire process ensuring reliability and quality.”

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