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   Vol. 14  No. 27
Wednesday March 25, 2015

Saphir Maritime Lesson

     Albert Saphir

     Albert Saphir (ABS Consulting) (above) and Joe Espinosa (Florida Shipowners Group) have a better idea.
     While industry talk swirls around big bureaucratic organizations raising flags that education is key to attracting an enhanced grade of executives into transportation, some fine old hands at professional logistics—with successful track records and true teaching ability—are conducting a private initiative in warm, sunny Florida next month to put business-driven logistics solutions within reach.
     “We are excited to announce our 4th Maritime Logistics Training Course held in Sunrise, Florida, on April 15-16, 2015,” Albert Saphir told FlyingTypers.
     Just last year Albert Saphir and Joe Espinosa created a 2-day training course “based on industry request for practical training and education.”
     The duo offered the first course in February 2014, followed by two more in May and October, all of which were sold out.
     “We wanted to develop a differentiated educational program,” Albert said, “that provides hands-on, practical, and useful information from industry veterans.
     “We did not want to create just another industry conference.
     “For that reason attendance at each course is limited to a small count of participants to allow for active Q&A and much interaction between all attendees.
     “We were pleasantly surprised with the response we received on our first courses, especially the diversity of the audience attending.
     “The attendee profile of the past three courses combined looked like this: 50 percent of attendees were from South Florida, 50 percent from elsewhere in the USA or even foreign countries (Mexico and Jamaica); 50 percent of attendees worked for beneficial cargo owners (manufacturers, importers, exporters, cruise lines and trading companies); 30 percent of attendees worked for freight forwarders, NVOCCs, ocean carriers or airlines; 20 percent of attendees came from other international trade services companies and local colleges.
     “Also the balance between ‘experienced’ to ‘fairly new to the industry’ was also about 50/50 overall, which was a great testament to the quality of the program and the diverse audience it is able to address.
     “We issue completion certificates and have been approved for considerable continued education credits by three certifying organizations: NCBFAA/NEI for 12.5 CE CES/CCS ; ISM for 12 CEH; and CSCMP 12 CEU SCPro Certification credits.”
     Registration is open for the next workshop scheduled for April 15-16. For more info: click here. To register, click here.
Sabiha Arend

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