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   Vol. 18 No. 42
Thursday June 13, 2019

Team EMO At Air Cargo Europe
Team EMO At Air Cargo Europe

     Team EMO Trans is pictured at the Transport Logistic Air Cargo Europe exhibition last week in Munich, Germany.
     Jo Frigger, Chairman of EMO Trans reports:
     “EMO Trans is well prepared to master present and future economic turbulences by maintaining a high degree of service levels for our customers through our dedicated teams supported by technological improvements.
     “Restrictions and other disputes, have forced some of our customers to completely restructure sourcing, manufacturing, and global supply chain strategies.
     “The uncertain geopolitical climate in which we find ourselves has created a rather volatile global economy.
     “Fortunately, EMO Trans has established a worldwide network that is both capable and extremely flexible, enabling us to quickly fulfill the needs of even the most demanding situations that our customers may face.
     “Our IT solutions and technological investments are moving forward in the right direction.
     “The EMO IT Portal we are building will enable our customers to have end-to-end visibility, as well as expand our capabilities of providing customized data reports using the information that we generate simply by doing business.
     “We have invested substantially in this project and will continue to do so.
     “It has been built in-house and has a truly dedicated team supporting it.
     “The discipline of our operations and sales personnel will assure ongoing success,” Mr. Frigger concluded.
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