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   Vol. 18 No. 42
Thursday June 13, 2019

Trees Gave It Up For Daily Blah

Trees Gave It Up For Daily Blah

     Last week we picked up a copy of the “Official Air Cargo Europe” daily publication.
     Printed on extra thick glossy stock, the issue felt and looked wonderful.
     But then we got to thinking: how can the air cargo industry, which is attempting to project an image of sustainability, allow itself to be presented to the professionals (at ACE) in a series of printed issues that have the look and feel of having been printed on what remains of the Black Forest?
     Yes, FlyingTypers’ parent company quit print more than 15 years ago, so perhaps we are a bit sensitive on the subject, but we think it is past time that air cargo put its money where its mouth is and insist that wasteful usage of paper to print industry news is not consistent with the message that everyone in this industry—from IATA to FIATA, to the logistics industry—is trying to get across.
     We must accelerate our effort to get as much paper out of the air cargo business as possible, because still today in 2019, despite all our efforts, our industry continues to sink beneath an avalanche of documents every day.
     Besides, who in 2019 doesn’t get most of their editorial information including what you are reading right now, dear reader, from their PDAs?

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