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   Vol. 19 No. 72
Friday November 20, 2020
What Became Small: Continued
     2020 is a year of big challenges.
     As we talk to air cargo industry people, here comes a thoughtful perspective of life.
Lionel van der WaltWhat Became Small

As an eternal optimist I am always looking for the positive and good in life, and at the same time I never take anything for granted. With that said, here are some thoughts on what I believe has become small in 2020:

“Many of the issues and challenges we faced prior to COVID seem to be small now when compared to what we have lived through the past few months, both from a professional and personal perspective.”
“Many of our current challenges seem “small” when compared to the hardships and suffering others have to face…..feeling blessed!”
“Many of the obstacles, challenges and justifications that held our industry back for so many years are becoming “smaller” and less relevant by the day . . . there is a new tangible spirit of collaboration and a strong drive to transform the industry.”

Lionel van der Walt
President & CEO -The Americas, PayCargo
Coral Gables, USA
Jessica TylerAA To The Max

“Returning the 737Max to service was our biggest challenge over a year ago as we had to take planes out of service until we could ensure the safety of our teams and customers.
“As it’s coming back, I’m reminded that it should be an incredibly exciting development when it goes back into service soon, but with our current focus on the pandemic – both from a health and economic perspective – the good news is a bit overshadowed.
Nonetheless, returning the MAX to service is great news for our team!

Jessica Tyler
President, American Airlines Cargo
Dallas, USA
Small Inconvenience

Wally Devereaux     Being inconvenienced by the changes we all must make to keep others safe and healthy has become “small”.

Wally Devereaux
Managing Director Cargo and Charters, Southwest Airlines
Dallas, USA

COVID-19 Not Small

Ram Menen     "Paying attention to one's health at times no big thing, turns out in COVID-19 to be no small thing, although maybe we all think we might live forever.
     "The age of COVID teaches us that little things mean a lot.
     "Now for one of the biggest logistical challenges to move the vaccines . . . the efforts can be akin to the Berlin Airlift on a larger scale . . . this should be real interesting."

Ram Menen
Emirates Airlines (retired)

Smaller in 2020?

The House!

Peter Scholten
CCO, Air One
Dubai, UAE
Embracing Digitalization Challenge

Stan Wraight     Not many big challenges have become small, for example convincing CEO and CFO that cargo deserves a core business status in the airline and a seat on the board.
     But one challenge that is now smaller is the task of convincing airports of the necessity to embrace with urgency digitization.
     COVID of course is a real reason for paperless, but also in environmental sustainability targets due to less truck congestion as an example is also important.
      But the economic impact of this crisis is deep and far reaching for all in air logistics, so allowing businesses to do more with less by embracing technology, such as cargo community systems, is easier now and less challenging, and it’s being widely accepted as a consequence.

Stan Wraight
President and CEO, SASI
Hong Kong

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