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   Vol. 19 No. 71
Tuesday November 10, 2020
Are You Having Any Fun?
Elaine Stritch

     This is Elaine Stritch, the ultimate Broadway musical star.
     I have loved her ever since listening to this song on an early long-playing record during the 1950s.
     Elaine, who continued to perform until her passing half dozen years ago, was sassy and bold all through her professional life.
     As this 2012 picture illustrates, she never lost that edge.
     She was exciting, and when she performed the song she sings here, it radiated off the stage into my heart.
     She loved the audience and prior to her appearances practiced her breathing by blowing up balloons “to bring her voice forward” as she put it.
     What that meant was you could sit in the cheap seats and she would rattle the floor beneath your feet.
     Sometimes I am asked how did some of our kids end up in show business?
     Hard work, twist of fate, I answer, but now recall taking them all to see Elaine in Manhattan at Town Hall where for two hours alone on a stage with a piano, she was still kicking ass and taking names well into her 70s. In fact, she last performed at the age of 88.
     In a saddened COVID-19 world, her song here still delivers a slap in the face.
     Give it a try and feel better fast!
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