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   Vol. 19 No. 73
Tuesday December 1, 2020
Letters to the Editor for December 1, 2020
Eastern Airllines

Hi Geoffrey,

  I have heard a lot of great things about you from my father over the years.
  I grew up reading your paper Air Cargo News.
  Every time my dad brought your paper home I would steal it from him so I could look at the pictures of the airplanes and read the articles.
  I think Marty tried to get in touch with you recently but had an old email for you.
  I just told him I have been following the FlyingTypers and he knew it was you right away.
  Great use of words, I love that!
  I have been working in the business since the mid-nineties and have had my first furlough.
  I was looking to get into some cargo flying.
  I have been reading your work for years and I am so happy I can continue that on here.
  I always remember the articles you put my father in.
  My Mom would make fun of him because it was always Marty Ladimer said . . .
  Now it is my turn after having a few of my own in the Air Line Pilot Association's monthly magazine.
  My mom and dad are well and live in Orlando.
  I told my Dad I was going to write to you and he sends his warmest regards and best wishes.
  I hope to be back on my feet flying again soon.
  It takes a lot to keep us Ladimers down.
  If you have any suggestions about some of these cargo airlines that are hiring pilots, always looking for some help from the great generation of the industry like you and my dad. I do my best to keep the traditions alive these days!
  Thank you for your wonderful publications. I was able to read them as a kid and am still following your great work!
  Hope you have a great rest of the weekend and a Happy Thanksgiving!

Kindest Regards,
Brad Ladimer

Marty Ladimer and Brad Ladimer

  Thanks for the words, Brad and heads up to our readers to get this fine next-gen pilot into the left seat soon.
  Marty, his dad was a dynamo during the final days of Eastern Airlines, and cargo as usual was one of the few bright spots. Marty along with his team, including Pete DeBenigno, who we still see occasionally around JFK, were out to get every kilo.
  In 2012, Marty recalled his time at Eastern Airlines:

  “During my 30 years with Eastern Airlines I was based at New York’s JFK International Airport.
  “Those were exciting and fantastic times that cannot ever be diminished or forgotten.
  “I had started when Eastern and the industry looked at air cargo as an important part of their revenue that had not been developed.
  “The years that followed were full of growth, advancement, travel, training, new projects, promotion, and great people.
  “I went from school to the U.S. Army with a thirteen-month tour of duty in Korea.
  “But less than one month after discharge, I was working at Eastern Airlines.
  “For me it was unbelievable and I loved every minute, except for the last year, 1991, when we went out of business.”

  Fond memories, great people from head to heart forever!
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