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   Vol. 20 No. 34
Tuesday September 7, 2021

Celebrating National Aviation Day

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Orville Wright

   Celebrating National Aviation Day last month brought to mind a story to share.
   In the U.S. National Aviation Day is celebrated on August 19. President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established the holiday in 1939. Here FDR is pictured in Dayton, Ohio with Orville Wright after he issued a Presidential proclamation, designating the anniversary of Wright’s birthday (August 19) to be National Aviation Day.
   Orville was the business head of the famous Wright Brothers who first flew at Kitty Hawk in 1903 and changed the world with that first flight. After Orville donated the tiny bi-plane aircraft to the Smithsonian Museum and later Charles Lindbergh gave his Spirit of St Louis Ryan aircraft to Paul Garber at the Smithsonian, the museum displayed both aircraft for years above a case of model airplanes at the original Smithsonian in one of those beautiful pink buildings in Washington, D.C.
   By and by as crowds gathered and the display case enlarged with more airplane models, the Museum discovered that over a million people a year were coming to see two airplanes and a bunch of airplane models under glass.
   From that small beginning NASM, the National Air & Space Museum was born.
REG Davies and Geoffrey Arend    Today NASM is a top Washington attraction in a town of many museums, eclipsing even the original Smithsonian in attendance numbers.
   And when they moved the historic aircraft to a place of pride in the main display area of NASM, so too came the models of all the aircraft.
   I used to see those models like old friends and spend time gazing at them in their case upstairs on the same floor as the NASM research library, whilst researching projects or visiting my friend NASM Curator of Air Transport, the late, great, REG Davies (pictured here with me).
   Look forward to the time when once again can wonder as I wander NASM aircraft like Frank Hawks HM-1 aerial speedster “Time Flies”. Advancing age and COVID-19 has taught me, it sure do!
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