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   Vol. 20 No. 34
Tuesday September 7, 2021
First From Frédéric Leger
Frédéric Leger

     Last week attendees in Miami at the 30th Annual Cargo Network Services (CNS) Partnership, the American-based pioneer air cargo organization dedicated to advancing cooperation between airlines and forwarders, were introduced to a new look as CNS met its new President Frédéric Leger.
     Frédéric Leger has held several inside jobs at IATA and is referred to as a “right hand man” to IATA DG Willie Walsh.
     Both are based and will continue to operate from Geneva.
     “I’m very proud to walk in Tony Calabrese’s footsteps, but also the footsteps of successes as we open this 30th edition of The CNS Partnership Conference,” Mr. Leger told the early morning gathering in Miami Monday August 31.
     “We have a good agenda, opportunities to network, and time for good fun.
     “I'm pleased to inform you that we have revived the CNS Focus Magazine that will be available by mail and on a digital platform. “
     Mr. Leger went on to thank the CNS Advisory Board, all the sponsors and others, including PayCargo that stepped up and provided the main dinner gathering as the conference wound down on Tuesday evening.
     “I feel,” Frédéric Leger said, “a sense of optimism because of course you're here and also because the numbers for 2021 are good.
     “But there are also other success stories.
     “Millions of people were locked down.
     “Businesses were shuttered.
     “Air cargo for the world became critical for most basic consumer goods and even gained some fame for delivering life-saving vaccines and the medical supplies.
     “It's clear that air cargo is playing a vital role in the world of today and tomorrow. By delivery of critical life-saving supplies with innovative solutions, and by advancing the goal for carbon neutral flights and sustainable alternative fuel advances, air cargo will continue to demonstrate that it can do the impossible.”

We Like Mike

     Noticably absent from the event was Mike White, who retired last year after almost single-handedly lifting that organization from a very deep rut during his term in office.
     Amongst the dozen or so former CNS Presidents’, Mike’s work is considered to be the greatest, comparable even to Tony Calabrese, CNS founder.
     Tradition at CNS has always allowed for former Presidents to be invited to attend the Partnership, especially to welcome a new President which made Mike’s absence all the more noticeable.
     Maybe COVID-19 caused his absence.
     No doubt this 2021 Partnership attendance figures were quite meager, although we did notice that H. Warren Jones, a Past President was in the house on opening day.
     In any event Mike (‘We Like Mike’) beyond CNS or even IATA for that matter, is among the two of three most popular figures anywhere in the world of air cargo, so we hope to see him next June at the CNS Partnership wherever it is held.
     We also wish bonne-chance for the ambitious and very busy new CNS President Frédéric Leger.

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