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   Vol. 20 No. 34
Tuesday September 7, 2021

More From CNS

More from CNS
     From Jason Berry, VP Air Canada Cargo reporting from Montreal:
     “Regretfully, we made a last minute decision to refrain from sending any of our out of country staff.
     “There have been too many cancellations and with all the challenges facing Florida we decided it would be best to limit our presence to just our USA staff.
     “At CNS on site all during the conference were Milt Fenske, Keola Pang-Ching and Rhett Stutler from our U.S. sales teams ready to meet and greet all attendees and share our vision of a bright future ahead.
     “A top priority for Air Canada Cargo remains preparing for our freighter launch later this year and doing all we can to preserve quality cargo capacity for our forwarding customers using our pfreighters as much as possible as we ramp up our passenger flying.
     “I'm eager to get back to networking in person,” Jason declared.

     Report from Jan Krems, President United Cargo: “The United team four strong is Live at CNS,” Jan declared.
     “Positive mood and conversation all around. It's very good to see industry colleagues face to face once again,” he assured with two thumbs up.

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