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   Vol. 21 No. 3
Monday January 17, 2022
Fruit Logistica Goes Bananas In April

  In the deep of winter where can you find a trade show that always surprises?
  For us it’s Fruit Logistica, held every year in Berlin, usually during the first week of February.
  Organized by Messe Berlin GmbH, the event from all points of view is colorful and interesting and also carries the spirit of Berlin, which all by itself is a lot of fun.
  But in pandemic 2022, Fruit Logistics is now set to appear in April.
  Director Kai Mangelberger explains:
  “The fourth wave of the coronavirus pandemic is worsening the situation in many European countries," Director Kai explains.
  "At the same time, the industry's wish to meet in person remains unwaveringly high.
  "In light of this, we decided to postpone Fruit Logistica to April that we hope will be a point on time beyond the fourth wave.
  "Fruit Logistica 2022 goes from Tuesday, April 5 to Thursday, April 7.”
  What we also like, in addition to business opportunities, are some sparkling new products offered on display.
  For 2022 how about a 1kg seedless watermelon at hand, ready to eat without all the cutting and seeding or processing to eat from a plastic cup?
  Give yourself a Kisy!
  This little beauty with dark skin and red aromatic pulp is easy to pop open; and on the go is handy-sized, tasty, healthy fruit snack innovation.
  Imagine your next gathering with a tray of these goodies as cocktails or smoothies?
  So as we think of networking and getting together again, we hope Fruit Logistica goes bananas with a Kisy for everyone in early April Berlin.
  We look ahead in 2022 with hope for all industry trade shows, as high spirit, new products and innovative thinking get back to where they once belonged . . .

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