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   Vol. 22 No. 9
Wednesday March 8, 2023

Cathay Pacific Cargo Now Cathay Cargo

Cargo Clan     We learned recently that Cathay Pacific Cargo is now branded Cathay Cargo (CC).
     Cathay Cargo’s online publication still branded Cargo Clan has been published for 48 years in various formats. The magazine went digital in March 2017.
     Cargo Clan Magazine was a lavishly produced report in both the English and Chinese language. It included market news, instructional shipment information, IATA reports, and of course stories about what’s up at Cathay Pacific Cargo.
     Cargo Clan Magazine had a less than stellar run up during a time long ago and far away when every issue (published quarterly) included a gatefold flip out (Playboy Magazine style) of a different woman with the evocative title “Freight Mate.”
     At the time, it was acceptable to allow an otherwise pleasant collection of stories, charts, and market reports to include a pin up.
     During those years of the magazine and their female gatefold, we wrote about our disdain for the feature, driven in no small part by our conversation with some great ladies of air cargo, including Dolores Hofman, a pioneering woman in air cargo.
     In 1968, Dolores had the courage to follow her dream and operated a forklift inside Building 67 at JFK International Airport.
     Again, it was a time when almost every cargo warehouse, airline, trucker, broker, and freight forwarder was the domain of men, and “calendars” featuring women in various stages of undress were plastered on walls and break rooms.
     As we commemorate International Women's Day, we note that Cargo Clan Magazine did discontinue “Freight Mate” at least a dozen years ago, preferring to feature more serious interviews and head shot graphics of its female subjects.
     In the picture Volume 7 No. 4 1982 is Freightmate Astrid Staker. Pondering 48 years of Cargo Clan is a lot of history that offers us valuable insights into where we’ve been and how much the air cargo industry has evolved with the times.

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