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   Vol. 22 No. 7
Tuesday February 21, 2023

Bheki Cele

     Air Cargo Africa opened today in Johannesburg barely four days after AirCargo Nashville closed; in Pretoria located less than 45 miles away from JMB, the Police Minister, a man named Bheki Cele issued a warning to people who live in or visit South Africa that, “you'd better hide your wallet.”
     According to a press report, the advice came after the latest crime statistics revealed by Minister Bheki Cele last week showed most crime categories increased in South Africa.
     About this issue, Norman Sekhukhune, head of police crime research and statistics, explained that all provinces showed increases in murders except for northern Limpopo province.
     ‘Faced with this worrying situation, a clear and broader conversation must be had on what is at the root of violent crime in the country,” Cele was quoted telling reporters.
     Cele will appear before the Government, telling Parliament next week the country’s crime situation and the plans to fight crime.

Jon Turner

Jon Turner, Vice President, Air Canada Cargo is upbeat:

     “As Air Canada returned all temporarily converted passenger aircraft back to their core mission of flying passengers, the cargo team continued to grow market share across some of the largest global trade routes. The results achieved during this transition year validate our long-term growth strategy for Air Canada Cargo.
     In 2022, we introduced our second and third freighters and opened 13 new freighter markets. Our continued expansion would not be possible without strong relationships with our industry partners and the phenomenal Air Canada Cargo team working across the globe to develop our business.
     As we look forward to 2023 and prepare to welcome four additional freighter aircraft this year, we continue building a freighter program that complements our global passenger network and ensures shippers have access to reliable, year-round capacity,” said Mr. Turner.

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Of Three Lithium-Certified Two Are Qatar

Lionel van der Walt, Emily Clemens and Claudio Fiaoni

     Right now air cargo people all around the world are more or less steeling themselves to a 2023 business climate that is a bit milder than last year, post pandemic, for example when the sky seemed no limit.
     But for Lionel van der Walt that is not the case.
     The ever positive executive that has impacted every assignment he has ever undertaken is back and seems ready to work some of his magic for a UK software company branded Raft.
     When Lionel van der Walt departed as IATA CNS President in December 2017, it was a sad day for the air cargo industry as we lost one of its most sincere, passionate, vocal, and impactful leaders.
     But guess what? Air cargo pulled Lionel back, not just once but a couple of times.
     PayCargo CEO Eduardo Del Riego once cited van der Walt’s “passionate leadership and one-of-a-kind international business acumen,” as factors in the decision to want him at PayCargo which is exactly where he was, when he suddenly pivoted.
     In early 2022, with PayCargo expanding at a astonishing rate, came the harrowing and monumental fright for Lionel and his wife Ilonka–a near call with their 24 year-old daughter Imma struck down with a brain tumor, needing to have a frankly dangerous operation, and an uncertain result.
     They somehow lucked out and got the best medical help for this type of affliction at Duke University Hospital in North Carolina.
     Lionel, recognizing his options were narrow, halted everything in his life except his daughter. He told his loved ones, friends and his business colleagues he had to step down to care for his daughter post-brain surgery. Well, lo and behold, Imma has completely recovered and today is back to regular life, a miracle to say the least.
     Lionel, who is now at a software company called Raft based in London, was in Nashville last week with his new team and challenge
     Raft, to hear Lionel tell it, “empowers freight forwarders to deliver more value to customers by automating the entire freight journey for complete transparency and control.”
     Lionel was out there on the hustings in Nashville, and in other U.S. cities as 2023 gets going.
     “Our intelligent freight platform works with the TMS to orchestrate, automate and streamline data processing, transactions, approvals, and workflows across the shipment lifecycle, improving communications and collaboration for all our stakeholders,” Lionel said.
     “People are the most important resource we have in a world of constant and fast-paced change, he added
     “Helping them to grow, learn and be successful means a lot to me, and in my
experience, is an approach that always leads to outstanding results.
     “My philosophy is to encourage team members and colleagues to be bold and always challenge the status quo.
     “This naturally leads to taking calculated risks, and failures at times.
     “However, my experience has also been that many short-term failures have led to long-term successes,” Lionel added.
     “It felt rather surreal to attend AirCargo2023 this year.
     “Just a few months back we were being told that life as we know it, would change forever with limited in-person contact and travel restrictions becoming the new norm for years to come. Yet, here we are today, no COVID restrictions and nobody seems to care about immunization cards and travel passes anymore; the threat of COVID appears to be long forgotten for most.
     “This just reminds me alongside our other story how quickly things can change and how, despite their best intentions, leaders can get it wrong.
     “A trap we all can fall into, if we become too complacent and self assured.
     “Despite all the continuous challenges we keep facing, the one thing that always encourages me is the resounding optimism and adaptability I observe across our industry. Nashville, this year was no different.
     “There is no doubt that we have more turbulent times ahead of us, but as noted by Vaughn Moore, AIT Worldwide Logistics Executive Chairman and CEO during his keynote speech, much of our success lies in our ability and willingness to ask for help and support each other when needed, irrespective if we are competitors or not.
      “And this is something that I feel our industry does particularly well.
     “My experience over the years has taught me that there is a deep unspoken respect and bond amongst many of our industry colleagues, irrespective of age, gender, sector etc.
     “This is a family, dysfunctional at times, but when it is most needed we are there for each other.
     “And it all boils down to relationships and trust, aspects that would be difficult to nurture if we did not have opportunities such as AirCargo2023 to reconnect in person.
     “And I also want to give the Global K9 Protection Group team a huge shoutout! Eric Hare, Jeff Koehl and Chris Daniels, you guys rock! Those who were there will know what I am talking about, and I am sure will certainly agree with my sentiments . . . go Jenga!


     “I’ve got a rose between my toes from dancing barefoot through the hot house to you, pretty baby.”
     Received lovely greetings from the folks at Lemon Queen Public Relations Council in France on behalf of Qatar Airways Cargo with numbers that flower even greater as time goes by.
     For Valentine's Day, Qatar moved 4,000 tons of flowers in just two weeks from mainly Ecuador and Colombia in South America and Uganda and Kenya in Africa to 5 destinations including USA, Amsterdam, (of course) the Middle East, Japan and Australia.
     Qatar added flights to meet demand.
     Of course flowers cube out before they weigh out, so 10 blooming B777s additional to the sked from Nairobi to Liege, and the same Quito to Amsterdam and Miami looked like everything came up roses!
Guillaume Halleux     “We are proud to put our expertise and efficiency at the service of our customers,” said Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo.
     “As the launch of our Next Generation Cargo focus last Summer progresses, 'Moved By People' puts its best foot forward.
     “The future is in every decision we take—be it in technology, sustainability, diversity, the new generation of employees joining our company, our products and services, and how we approach our business in general,” Guillaume said at last summer's launch.
     ”We are shaping the air cargo industry of tomorrow—one that combines digital efficiencies with a unique, professional human touch.”
     So far taking a fresh, innovative approach to the business of air cargo is unique for Qatar Cargo.
     They are the class-act air cargo trend setter in the world today.

Chuckles For March 25, 2015

Vaughn Moore     Words to think about at AirCargo Nashville as Keynote Speaker Vaughn Moore, Executive Chairman and CEO of AIT Worldwide Logistics knocked it out of the park speaking to an audience of 700 + logisticians.
     “Is a recession going to happen? Less likely I think, but growth will be slower.
     "In 2023 it's important to retain intellectual capital.
     “A cultural change to working from home to coming back to the office needs to consider mental health.
     “Future trends as reality
          2-Supply Chain Evolution: Since 2019: Just in time/Just in case/ Get out of my warehouse.!
          3-Sustainability / Have to be part of it! For the future giving back is important.”
     “Logistics is super important to the world.
     “We are the life blood to the global economy!
     “Looking ahead means including four most important smart words:
     “I need your help!”

Michal Tabisz

      Time To Get Along—Michal Tabisz, Vice President of the Board of Rzeszow Airport (Port Lotniczy Rzeszów-Jasionka) in Southeastern Poland after Keynote Address of Vaughn Moore noted:      “When the Ukraine war is over there will be a need to rebuild and we need air transport to be ready to move from military to the civilian supply chain.”

Brittney Lovelace, Ryan Dieckbernd, Michael Hatfield, Andy Kirschner, Brian Akers

     Down On The Pharma in Stand 227 up in the air with all kinds of big things ahead for 2023 at Delta Cargo.
     Here the Delta Crew of Logistics Specialists are (from left) Brittney Lovelace (perfect name for Valentine’s Day), Ryan Dieckbernd, Michael Hatfield, Andy Kirschner, Brian Akers talking up the new LATAM Airlines Joint Venture partnership that will connect to the world like never before, with access to more than 300 destinations.
     “Ask us, we’re here to help.
     “All kinds of up-front access via our improved website with operations all moving ‘Thumbs Up’ says General Manager Cargo Sales Strategic Accounts, Michael Hatfield (third from left).

Sandy Gregory, Keysha Dampeer, Dayna Harap, Sasha Goodman, Rock-It Cargo; Melanie Baron, and Francesca Molinari

     “I have been involved in the AfA Women’s Networking Event for over a decade along with my cohort Sasha Goodman, said Sandy Gregory, Sr. Director Air Strategy-Parcelcast.
     “Amanda Barlow and Rula Fakhouri were also instrumental in this year’s event.
     “We love being able to bring attention to the disparities in the air cargo industry and working together to improve.
     “Our event is open to all races and genders and is not only for women.
     “We need everyone to work as a team to ensure we are inclusive.
     “This year’s panel was focused on diversity in the workplace and we had some amazing speakers.
     “Our panelists (in photo above) included myself, Keysha Dampeer, MBA, Director of Airline Relations for Airspace; Dayna Harap, Vice President of Sales for Direct Expedite; Sasha Goodman, Rock-It Cargo; Melanie Baron, CHRL, Director of Human Resources at Air Canada and Francesca Molinari, Chief People Officer of Maergo.
     “They all were very dynamic and had a lot of great advice for the attendees.
     “I am so proud we were able to attract such amazing women and to have such a successful event.
     “We all appreciate the fact that Air Canada Cargo continues to sponsor this event in order to continue our efforts to diversify this industry.”
     These ladies cannot wait until tomorrow—they make logistics look better and are building a stronger business every day!

Sasha Goodman, Wally Devereaux, Brennan O'Dowd< Keith Davis and Adel Ismail

      What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?
      People At Trade Shows Get Awards!
      Here are five happy winners at this year’s AirCargo in Nashville. Clockwise from left to right: Sasha Goodman of Rock-it Global awarded The Jim Foster Award; Wally Devereaux of Southwest Airlines Cargo with The Domestic Airline Of The Year Award; Brennan O'Dowd, of 7L Freight accepting Freight Vendor Of The Year Award; Keith Davis of Sterling Transportation, Inc. receiving Surface Carrier Of The Year Award and Adel Ismail of Lufthansa Cargo with The Best International Airline Award.
      Interestingly with congratulations, honor and deference for a job well done, awards occupied an afternoon Monday at AirCargo minus any sniff of competition or that “vote for me” supercharged formal nighttime hoopla elsewhere.

Mardi Gras

Dear Reader,

  Mardi Gras 2023 . . .
  Laissez les bon temps rouler!

Geoffrey & Sabiha

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