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   Vol. 22 No. 38
Tuesday October 31, 2023

Where Is Jan Krems

Jan Krems

     Lots of trade shows are taking off now and in the next couple of weeks. In Florida there is one that is notable, as Jan Krems, President-United Cargo will attend the National Defense Transportation Association Headquarters (NDTA), NDTA-USTRANSCOM fall meeting titled, “Advancing U.S. Power Projection with Allies & Partners“ beginning today October 31 – November 3, 2023, at Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando, Florida. To register click here.
     Jan will be participating in a roundtable discussion titled “Securing and Expanding Worldwide Logistics Capacity and Capability with Allies and Partners” Roundtable on Wednesday, Nov. 1 at 8:45 a.m.
     Up early for sure, but nothing seems to hold back Jan Krems, who after 27 years at AF/KLM Cargo moved his action to Chicago and emerged as something of a folk hero at United Cargo. As a top executive, Jan with his stirring, innovative and unique management style, advanced United Cargo, while helping people and breaking new ground when the pandemic took over the world.
     Interesting times right now, demanding solutions driven by bright, creative people like Jan Krems, who will be situate at the NDTA Fall Meeting in Booth 213 at Orlando all this week.
     United started Summer 2024 early, announcing this month, non-stop flights to a record 38 transatlantic cities, including the first and only direct flight between the U.S. and Faro, Portugal and new flights to Reykjavik, Brussels, Rome and Malaga.
     Since World War II, NDTA has served U.S. national defense and homeland security as a trusted environment where government, military, and private sector professionals can solve pressing challenges in the fields of logistics, transportation, and passenger travel.
     NDTA has established a great track record, including real-world disaster relief through partnerships with organizations like American Red Cross, the creation of transportation studies and white papers, the development of emergency management plans, and exercises in cooperation with the military services.
Notably NDTA, with more than 30 active chapters worldwide and 5,500 members, via The NDTA Foundation alone has awarded $231,000 during the past 6 years to future logisticians and passenger students at the high school and college level.
Additionally, tens of thousands of dollars more are awarded every year by NDTA chapters toward transportation education for our youngsters.
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