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   Vol. 22 No. 9
Wednesday March 8, 2023

Philip Thiermann, Karina Vialli, Romina Alderete, Mark Thiermann, Elizabeth Rosales, Lucildo Silva, Mario Devoto, Rafael Martau, Ana Caroline Costa,Hendrik Falk, Juliana Correa, Ana Bocchini.

     They just completed a giant of a trade show in São Paulo, Brazil on March 2 called Intermodal South America.
     This year the annual event regained post COVID luster as a most important yearly transportation gathering.
     For people attending from countries all over the world to Brazilians, that said goodbye with a smile and the wish, “see ya in Bahia” where the Samba was born, this one was a really big show.
     For ATC, best, most imaginative and fastest growing GSSA, 2023 Intermodal South American was an absolute humdinger; “a super event show for ATC Aviation,” said Mark Thiermann, Regional Director South America.
     For Mark Thiermann a gracious, inclusive good guy if there ever was one, he has the pictures to prove it.
     “We brought in part of our ATC South America team and as usual, our booth was crowded with airline clients, freight forwarders and friends, who also remembered that we were the only GSSA with a booth in the post-Covid Intermodal show of last year, which is a proof of our faith, love and commitment to South America markets and clients.
     “This time we showcased our regionally represented airlines Aeromexico, Aerolineas Argentinas, American Airlines, Air Mauritius, Cabo Verde Airlines, Cargolux Airlines, EL AL Airlines, GOL Linhas Aereas, ITA Airways, Korean Airlines, LAS Cargo, Royal Air Maroc, Saudia Airlines, Virgin Atlantic, as well as Chapman Freeborn, and it was great to meet some of these long lasting airline partners at the show.
     “We were also amazed to see the tremendous interest from new airlines who, in what appears to be a challenging year, approached us with the intention to reinforce their sales and promotion teams in the countries where we are strong in Central and South America, as well as the Caribbean. So we expect that our business will increase during this year.
     “This goes hand-in-hand with our growth plan in the region with our local Brazilian partner GOL, with whom we celebrated 16 years of an excellent business relationship.
     “We are currently expanding GOL’s sales to Argentina, with the recent opening of Aeroparque (AEP) operations that will allow us to start sales this month to/from this station to GOL’s network, and other routes like Chile and Peru to be opened by year-end. We are also working closely with GOL to develop international sales for the newly incorporated B737-800BCF freighters.
     “We have recently signed an agreement with Copa Airlines to represent them in Guyana (GEO).
     “This is an interesting new market for ATC Aviation, so we are working closely with our exclusive sub-GSSA to develop this market together, bringing in their local experience and ATC’s knowledge of the GSSA business, and Cargo Management tools, including our COS system, BI capabilities and data management. Copa Airlines is a new airline in our portfolio, so we are very excited to start sales soon and expand our cooperation to other countries.
     “In spite of the Ukraine war and global inflation affecting most of the markets in our region, we do expect to continue ATC’s growth in Central and South America, and the Caribbean during 2023.”

Kam Shing Kwang

  This is Kam Shing Kwang, Chief Executive Officer, Asia Private Bank, Vice Chair, Greater China Investment Banking, at J.P. Morgan.
  This Month and its International Women’s Day March 8, which is focusing on woman is a good time to advance some thoughts and issue a wake-up call that, “Women are hugely under-represented in high-growth businesses, including start-ups across Asia-Pacific,” according to a recent J.P. Morgan survey.
  The J.P. Morgan study found that companies led by female executives outperformed when it comes to fundraising.
  “Just 848, or 5.7 per cent, of 15,000 private businesses surveyed in sectors such as technology, consumer and healthcare were founded, led or managed by women at the end of 2021,” the study said.
  “This is a miserable number, the low single digit number surprises us,” Ms. Kam Shing Kwang said.
  Stay tuned, this is word up chasing change from a J.P. Morgan vice-chairman of investment banking for Greater China.

QR Cargo Women Staff

     This year, International Women's Day (March 8) is centered on the theme of #EmbraceEquity.
     March is also Women's History Month in Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom and is a time to celebrate and recognize the amazing contributions of women throughout history.
Embrace Equity     Qatar Airways Group celebrated its staff with a week-long series of masterclasses, networking opportunities, and interactive tours of its various facilities curated for its female workforce in the week leading up to International Women's Day.
     Qatar Airways Cargo, all into the spirit of celebration marked March 5 as the day of its first-ever all-female freighter flight.
     A giant Qatar B-777 freighter from Doha to Shanghai was operated entirely of a crew of made up of women.
     From the ground staff overseeing and handling the cargo, to the flight deck crew operating the flight, this is the first time a Qatar Airways Cargo freighter aircraft has operated with an all-female crew and all-female ground staff.
     “This is our once-a-year day” was one reaction.
     “Feel like jumping up and down in celebration!” was another.

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Of Three Lithium-Certified Two Are Qatar

Jan Krems  It was no crap shoot that United Cargo held its Worldwide Meeting 2023 last month & the first since the Covid struck, in Vegas Baby!
  But it's a good bet that nobody beats the wiz when it comes to landing the big score in air cargo with rolling the dice and keeping a good thing going like Jan Krems.
  Here at Worldwide, taking a deep breath while laying out the next big plan, Jan and his team carry that sweet smile of success and look about as fly as it gets consolidating huge gains in the world of air cargo that UA delivered last year and all during that past three years.
  Speaks for itself . . . Up Up & Away!

Sheryle 'Cheese' Burger
     Sheryle Ann “Cheese” Burger, of Newnan, GA, passed away Thursday, February 23, 2023, peacefully at home with family by her side.
     Her friend and ours, Reverend Donna Mullins officiated at her funeral services, (today Donna is vice president, Kale Logistics Solutions ).
     “Sheryle was a great American," Donna recalled.
     “She served her country, both overseas and here at home on our own soil.
     “Her two career goals when she was a child in the State of Georgia: ‘Serve My Country and work for Coke!’
     “Sheryle did both,” Donna said.
     “She served in the U.S. Army from 1991 to 1996 as a Specialist and is a Veteran of The Gulf War after serving in Operation Desert Storm, Egypt.
     “She received several Commendation Medals.
     “After her military service, she worked in her life-long dream job with The Coca-Cola Company for 18 years and 7 months. She was part of their “Glass Quilt” campaign and received over 60 Red Tag Honors and Awards.      She was most recently employed at ALPLA Group, McDonough, GA as a Safety Specialist with a CEAS Certification.”
     While she was working at Coca Cola, she became very active with the Atlanta Air Cargo Association community outreach program to welcome home our soldiers from the Gulf War at the airport.
     In this small, but touching way she reminded us both of our responsibility to honor America.
     "Cheese" was also very active in participating in the USO at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport.
     On 9/11 when the USA was brought to its knees, in the chaos and destruction of the Worid Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City as we saw our politicians and others standing proud, Sheryle took her own personal stand.
     She sewed a flag on her left shoulder sleeve every day beginning on 9/12/01 and wore it proudly for 7,834 days or 1119 weeks thereafter, until a couple of months ago when she became too feeble to continue.
     “I’m glad she was my friend,” Donna quietly recalled.
     “She was a great friend to so many and probably the proudest Veteran I ever met.
     “Kathy and I met Cheese right after she transferred to Atlanta.
     “She came out to play softball and we already had 2 Cheryl’s and we asked her what her last name was and she said Burger.
     “We said, do you want to be Ham or Cheese? We had no idea what a photographer she was; she started snapping all those pictures and Cheese was indeed the perfect name for her.
     “Cheese saw all of us through a different lens on her camera but with the same lens in her heart – the lens of love.
     “She will be missed.
     “From the rainbow on her shoulder, her strength and caring made all of us better,” Donna Mullins remembered.
     In lieu of flowers, donate to the Emory Winship Cancer Center.

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Happy HoliHappy Holi!
Holi is one of the most popular and significant festivals in Hinduism, also known as the Festival of Colours, Festival of Spring, and Festival of Love. It celebrates the eternal love of Lord Krishna and Radha and the triumph of good over evil.

Cargo Clan     We learned recently that Cathay Pacific Cargo is now branded Cathay Cargo (CC).
     Cathay Cargo’s online publication still branded Cargo Clan has been published for 48 years in various formats. The magazine went digital in March 2017.
     Cargo Clan Magazine was a lavishly produced report in both the English and Chinese language. It included market news, instructional shipment information, IATA reports, and of course stories about what’s up at Cathay Pacific Cargo.
     Cargo Clan Magazine had a less than stellar run up during a time long ago and far away when every issue (published quarterly) included a gatefold flip out (Playboy Magazine style) of a different woman with the evocative title “Freight Mate.”
     At the time, it was acceptable to allow an otherwise pleasant collection of stories, charts, and market reports to include a pin up.
     During those years of the magazine and their female gatefold, we wrote about our disdain for the feature, driven in no small part by our conversation with some great ladies of air cargo, including Dolores Hofman, a pioneering woman in air cargo.
     In 1968, Dolores had the courage to follow her dream and operated a forklift inside Building 67 at JFK International Airport.
     Again, it was a time when almost every cargo warehouse, airline, trucker, broker, and freight forwarder was the domain of men, and “calendars” featuring women in various stages of undress were plastered on walls and break rooms.
     As we commemorate International Women's Day, we note that Cargo Clan Magazine did discontinue “Freight Mate” at least a dozen years ago, preferring to feature more serious interviews and head shot graphics of its female subjects.
     In the picture Volume 7 No. 4 1982 is Freightmate Astrid Staker. Pondering 48 years of Cargo Clan is a lot of history that offers us valuable insights into where we’ve been and how much the air cargo industry has evolved with the times.

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