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   Vol. 21 No. 4
Thursday January 20, 2022
Good Numbers For AirCargo 2022
Larry Johnson

     If anybody ever tells you that the freight forwarders ain’t tough, well we are here to say The Airforwarders Association (AfA) holding its AirCargo 2022 Conference this week in New Orleans is tough enough.
     Welcoming Tim Strauss, CEO of Amerijet International on Tuesday January 18 as recipient of the Jim Foster Award and also the Keynote Speaker, more than 600 good looking conferees were at AirCargo 2022. These people fought off COVID, snow storms sweeping across the U.S. causing big shut downs, flight cancellations and warnings from Airlines for America of possible catastrophic results as 5G comes on line in USA. The specter of challenges as AfA attendees attempt to get back home when the event closes January 19 seems like small potatoes that these AfA members will also deal with when they get that far.
     The Tim Strauss Keynote traced his own history in the industry through a variety of carriers before moving into his current leadership at Amerijet. In a clearly emotional passage, he discussed the unusual circumstances surrounding his temporary resignation last year before discussing the carrier’s experience during COVID, its business lines (ACMI, CMI, scheduled service) and fleet plans.
     One from the heart was a cameo appearance of the great Larry Johnson, who built the fortunes of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - MSY Cargo. But at the same time Larry's efforts at organizing air cargo industrywide were critical to laying down the foundation during the 1970s for the industry today.
     So far the picture(s) we love are Larry and also this foursome out on the golf links somewhere in New Orleans in warm up jackets playing through chilly weather on Monday January 17.
     On January 19 AfA, having closed out its business, went bowling at some nearby lanes.
     Don't be surprised if the event featured valet parking at the bowling alley and some recognition for individual scores, converting three strikes in a row that bowlers call a "Turkey", and also knocking down the fabled 7-10 split.
     These freight forwarders have a lot of heart. They came out to work and play in good numbers which is probably the best news all of us might receive this early January 2022.
     As AfA conferees gathered in that bowling alley they can think that their actions this week send a positive signal the world over that it is time to come back to live trade shows.
      These AfA people also remind us that it is transportation that changed the world during the worst pandemic in recent history.
     Air cargo has delivered and without a doubt helped mankind avoid landing in the gutter.

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