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   Vol. 21 No. 4
Thursday January 20, 2022

jenni Frigger, Matthew Marincic, Glyn Hughes, Sarah Chou, David Junkroski and Brendan Akamu

The Airforwarders Association AirCargo 2022 New Orleans, top panel January 19, included from left, Moderator Jennifer Latham, EMO Trans; Matthew Marincic, California Sierra Express; Glyn Hughes, Director General, The International Air Cargo Association TIACA; Sarah Chou, Southwest Airlines Cargo; David Junkroski, PayCargo and Brendan Akamu, Able Freight.
     So what did the audience think?
Mike Oslansky      “Great discussion among industry experts," said Mike Oslansky, Principal Owner of MAWB Services.
     “Their passion related to this topical subject was wonderful to see and hear.
     “The key learning for me was that we all have a lot to learn.
     “This is truly like a greenfield project and the architectural drawings are not very clear or non-existent. However, it’s important for all of us to find the right approach for today while preparing to make some serious adjustments as we move forward. It starts with a single step . . . preferably in the right direction!”
     Also from the audience, Amanda Barlow, vice president Western region, Roanoke Trade added, “the panel provided a dynamic conversation balancing the altruistic motivation with business needs. The intent is not the focus as long as we are moving towards a better carbon footprint as an industry.
Amanda Barlow     “A good takeaway was getting employee buy in to support the success of a sustainability program. For example, create an employee-led committee, which meets monthly to manage the success of the program and its continued development will not only lead to engagement but also involve employees being invested in advancing a program.”
     “AfA is extremely grateful to the panel, they were open and humble in discussing this topic,” Jenni said.
     “We acknowledged the depth of the issue and the necessity of thinking and acting on it intentionally, while also addressing that despite complexity you need to pick something and start there!
     “It also emerged from our discussion that there is an important role for unintended positive consequences.
     “We all agree that sustainability and social justice are inherently linked and as we drive our businesses to be more efficient and human friendly we will have a positive impact on carbon usage.
     “We also need to come along as the thinking shifts, and be willing to invest even if it means higher costs within our workflows.
     “Based on this panel, we can feel positive about the future!
     “Air forwarders and their service partners, as we all know, can do anything,” Jenni added with a smile.

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Larry Johnson

     If anybody ever tells you that the freight forwarders ain’t tough, well we are here to say The Airforwarders Association (AfA) holding its AirCargo 2022 Conference this week in New Orleans is tough enough.
     Welcoming Tim Strauss, CEO of Amerijet International on Tuesday January 18 as recipient of the Jim Foster Award and also the Keynote Speaker, more than 600 good looking conferees were at AirCargo 2022. These people fought off COVID, snow storms sweeping across the U.S. causing big shut downs, flight cancellations and warnings from Airlines for America of possible catastrophic results as 5G comes on line in USA. The specter of challenges as AfA attendees attempt to get back home when the event closes January 19 seems like small potatoes that these AfA members will also deal with when they get that far.
     The Tim Strauss Keynote traced his own history in the industry through a variety of carriers before moving into his current leadership at Amerijet. In a clearly emotional passage, he discussed the unusual circumstances surrounding his temporary resignation last year before discussing the carrier’s experience during COVID, its business lines (ACMI, CMI, scheduled service) and fleet plans.
     One from the heart was a cameo appearance of the great Larry Johnson, who built the fortunes of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport - MSY Cargo. But at the same time Larry's efforts at organizing air cargo industrywide were critical to laying down the foundation during the 1970s for the industry today.
     So far the picture(s) we love are Larry and also this foursome out on the golf links somewhere in New Orleans in warm up jackets playing through chilly weather on Monday January 17.
     On January 19 AfA, having closed out its business, went bowling at some nearby lanes.
     Don't be surprised if the event featured valet parking at the bowling alley and some recognition for individual scores, converting three strikes in a row that bowlers call a "Turkey", and also knocking down the fabled 7-10 split.
     These freight forwarders have a lot of heart. They came out to work and play in good numbers which is probably the best news all of us might receive this early January 2022.
     As AfA conferees gathered in that bowling alley they can think that their actions this week send a positive signal the world over that it is time to come back to live trade shows.
      These AfA people also remind us that it is transportation that changed the world during the worst pandemic in recent history.
     Air cargo has delivered and without a doubt helped mankind avoid landing in the gutter.

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Sustainability At AirCargo 2022
Tips For NOLA Relaxation

Laurie Daniel, Silva Jimenez, Jason Berry, Sandy Gregory and Amanda Barlow

     We like the Women’s Networking Event that The Airforwarders Association (AfA) has developed over the years that has become a heart and soul touchstone of the Annual Air Cargo event.
     This week in New Orleans, Amanda Barlow of the AfA Board, who also serves as regional vice president, Western region for Roanoke Insurance Group reports that once again women at AfA were in lead off position and no slouch when it came to taking issues at hand.
     “For 2022, the Women’s Networking event sponsored by Air Canada Cargo, with participation of Jason Berry, vice president cargo also welcomed first timers to the event, including industry women who have built a legacy, whilst influencing and encouraging others toward further development of their air cargo careers.”
     Guest speaker was Laurie Daniel from The Department of Homeland Security Immigration & Customs Enforcement Division.
     Laurie addressed a very important topic—Human Trafficking.
     January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month offering an ideal opportunity to further this leading-edge discussion.
     “Air cargo is a key component in helping identify victims and making a direct impact on people’s lives,” Amanda Barlow added.

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Preservation Hall

Jenni Frigger Latham and Michael Webber     New Orleans is, of course, one of America’s most important music cities.      Unlike the big music industry hubs where much of the creative talent is drawn from elsewhere, New Orleans always has been and continues to raise that talent. One of the reasons that I chose Tulane for graduate school was the opportunity to see great NOLA talent like the Neville Brothers with regularity. Below, I’ve put together a playlist for you that leads with New Orleans artists and concludes with a few homages to this incomparable city by artists who simply shared my appreciation for it.
     Your soundtrack:
Louis Armstrong - Basin St Blues-1928 -
Fats Domino- I'm Walking To New Orleans (With Lyrics)
     The more obvious choice from Irma Thomas would be “Time Is on My Side” (covered by the Rolling Stones and used in various movies) but for me, this is the quintessential Irma cut.
Irma Thomas "Ruler of my heart", 1963

     Composer, producer, musician Allen Toussaint left fingerprints on so many great recordings by other NOLA greats and this was no exception. Lee Dorsey cut my favorite version (Englishman Robert Palmer would soon record a great version backed by New Orleans’ musicians) but I’ll offer this one.
Sneakin' Sally Thru The Alley

     Glen Campbell had the hit but again, Allen Toussaint wrote and recorded it first. “Southern Nights”. Allen Toussaint was one of the greatest artists of his generation and one of the most elegant yet humble men you could ever have met.

     Dr. John had bigger hits (“Right Place, Wrong Time” for one) but for me, this is the song that most demonstrates why Dr. John could only have come from one place.
     Dr. John - I Walk On Guilded Splinters

     Each of the Neville Brothers already had substantial careers before finally getting together as a sibling unit. For my money, Art Neville was as fine a singer as his generation produced and while this one may seem almost too obvious, I can’t imagine putting together a New Orleans playlist without it.
     Aaron Neville (1966) - Tell It Like It Is

     The best-known version of this Mardi Gras staple, recorded by the Hawketts (which included Art Neville) in 1954
The Hawkettes - Mardi Gras Mambo

     The “funkiest band in the land”, it’s no wonder that the Meters are (along with James Brown) the most sampled act in Hip-Hop with grooves so angular that someone could get hurt. Memphis’s Booker T & the MGs were great and better known but New Orleans’ Meters are otherwise peerless.
     METERS - Cissy Strut

     Giving a nod to the Mardi Gras Indians who are indispensable to understanding the melting pot that is New Orleans. This record featured numerous musicians from a variety of NOLA acts and this song would be a staple of Neville Brothers sets for years. It’s also an opportunity for visitors to practice the proper pronunciation of “Tchoupitoulas” – handy for asking cab drivers to take you to venerable New Orleans club Tipitina’s.
     Meet De Boys On The Battlefront

     Here’s a 90-minute live set from the Neville Brothers because I’ll be damned if I could just pick one song form this seminal NOLA family.
     The Neville Brothers - Full Concert - 10/31/91 - Municipal Auditorium New Orleans (OFFICIAL) - YouTube

     While Charles and Art Neville have passed and Aaron has retired from touring, the Neville family legacy will continue through additional generations – represented here by Art’s son Ivan Neville who had extensive stints with the Neville Brothers band, as well as his own career and session work with the Rolling Stones – in addition to supporting and touring with Keith Richards.
     IVAN NEVILLE - NOT JUST ANOTHER GIRL - LIVE @ LE PETIT THEATER 2019 (a birthday shout for 60)

     When I was living in New Orleans, I used to see the Rebirth Brass Band which featured an impossibly charismatic young trumpet player named Kermit Ruffins who is now better known than that great band ever was.
     Kermit Ruffins & the BBQ Swingers: "Marie" - Live from Mother-in-law Lounge (2015)

      Trombone Shorty demonstrating an appreciation for the roots while also revealing that music isn’t intended to be a stagnant museum piece. NOLA just keeps churning out the talent.
     Trombone Shorty performs 'St. James Infirmary' at the White House

     All that and I haven’t even mentioned the Marsalis family? That omission wasn’t for a fault of respect but rather just to show how far one can go before even touching upon another one of the greatest musical families this country has ever produced:
     The Marsalis Family A Jazz Celebration August 2001 - Full Concert

     And a few selections from non-NOLA artists who celebrate the City
     “Well, it may rain. I don’t care. Don’t make no difference to me. Just take that streetcar that’s going uptown” with the Doobie Brothers
     Black Water

     POCO is probably considered a little lightweight by some of my friends but I always thought they captured New Orleans beautifully with this one and bonus points for whoever put together this video. Also, if anyone needs to hear the correct pronunciation of Pontchartrain, here it is:

     Randy Newman had some family in New Orleans, so maybe he gets an asterisk here as an ‘outsider’. One of the most poignant renderings of this I’ve ever heard was by a band of penitentiary inmates on temporary work-release to perform live at a benefit concert for hurricane victims. Only in New Orleans!
     Randy Newman "Louisiana 1927"
Michael Webber

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