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   Vol. 21 No. 4
Thursday January 20, 2022
Women's Panel At AirCargo 2022
Laurie Daniel, Silva Jimenez, Jason Berry, Sandy Gregory and Amanda Barlow

     We like the Women’s Networking Event that The Airforwarders Association (AfA) has developed over the years that has become a heart and soul touchstone of the Annual Air Cargo event.
     This week in New Orleans, Amanda Barlow of the AfA Board, who also serves as regional vice president, Western region for Roanoke Insurance Group reports that once again women at AfA were in lead off position and no slouch when it came to taking issues at hand.
     “For 2022, the Women’s Networking event sponsored by Air Canada Cargo, with participation of Jason Berry, vice president cargo also welcomed first timers to the event, including industry women who have built a legacy, whilst influencing and encouraging others toward further development of their air cargo careers.”
     Guest speaker was Laurie Daniel from The Department of Homeland Security Immigration & Customs Enforcement Division.
     Laurie addressed a very important topic—Human Trafficking.
     January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month offering an ideal opportunity to further this leading-edge discussion.
     “Air cargo is a key component in helping identify victims and making a direct impact on people’s lives,” Amanda Barlow added.

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