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Family Aid 2020
   Vol. 21 No. 21
Tuesday May 24, 2022

Life Goes Down To Zero

Geoffrey and Sabiha Arend

     Word Up May 22, 2022 . . . Having ducked COVID for what feels like a half a decade now, although guess it is only the past two years, we celebrated an evening out in Manhattan last week just as fat, dumb and happy as it gets after 47 years of marriage.
     Yesterday, Sabiha came down with COVID.
     Luckily for us as elders, we get the super-pills that she started on right away to add to the four COVID shots and a flu shot already inside us.
     So we cannot be at CNS this week, but we wish all a raucous good time, lots of golf, networking, business and fun.
     But allow this . . . please wear a mask.
     Forget all the bravado.
     The demon is still out there, and you can get it again.
     What I can’t figure is how fast this thing takes you down to zero.
     Joan Armatrading wrote about precipitate drops in Fortune, 50 years ago
                    “Oh the feeling
                    When you're reeling
                    You step lightly thinking you're number one
                    Now you walk with a word
                    Down to the ground
                    Down to the ground”

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